Daffodils Could Be a Cancer Cure Someday

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By Melinda Cafferty, Natural Blaze

A relatively untapped component of daffodils is now being examined as a potential cancer cure for its ability to hamper cancer proteins and increase cancer cell death.

The extract may prove promising as a botanical-based drug to stop the proliferation of cancer – at least that’s what researchers at Faculty of Sciences at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Belgium are working towards.

We are thankful for the explanations of the anti-cancer effects at the molecular level but must admit that it is complex.

GNN reports:

Researchers have been able to extract a natural anti-cancer compound from the European-native Daffodils (Amaryllidaceae Narcissus) called haemanthamine [HAE]. They observed that this compound blocked the production of a protein which is essential for the growth of cancer cells.

“Cancer cells are particularly sensitive to a reduction in protein synthesis,” explains the study which was published in the scientific journal Structure (Cell Press). The compound

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