Corrigendum. The Week in Review for 05/14/2017.

A thousand points of pseudo-medicine.

Selections from Society for Science-Based Medicines Points of Interest a daily compendium of links of interest with comments.

There is not enough time to write a complete blog post on the thousand points of pseudo-medicine that show up in my feeds. But some stars need to be noticed and commented upon. Duty Calls.

NECSS will be June 29-July 2, 2017 in New York City with an entire day, June 30, devoted to science-based medicine. Preliminary schedule (subject to change).

Britt Hermes: The naturopaths are coming! The naturopaths are coming!
Harriet Hall: Denialism in Medicine: Statin Denialists and Others
Clay Jones: Cultural inertia and various commonly promoted medical beliefs that are wrong
David Gorski: Whither the antivaccine movement in the age of Trump
Steve Novella: Homeopathy regulations, with the FDC and FTC reviews
Two Panels: Science-Based Medicine: How are we doing? Q&A

What’s the Harm

Dutch boy can refuse chemotherapy,

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