Chuck Norris on common denominators for long life

Chuck Norris

Last week I talked about the villagers of Tianna. Located in central Sardinia, their remarkably low mortality rates and high life expectancies have resulted in a percentage of centenarians three times greater than in the rest of region. Sardinia is one of five identified “Blue Zones,” a registered term that applied to areas around the globe – five in all – that stand out for their extraordinarily long-living populations. While these areas are geographically diverse and seemingly disconnected, there are common denominators in the lifestyles of those living in a Blue Zone.

They are all areas where people move naturally, where physical activity for all is part of a daily routine. These routines also include rituals that serve to reduce stress. Life in these zones also includes some form of a plant-based diet. They are communities of people where loved ones come first and are kept close; where

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