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Building a Target First Aid Kit: Part 5

In the earlier parts, we discussed what a first aid kit is, and populated it with bandaging supplies and other “first aid” supplies. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 The issues we considered were pretty much “external” medical problems; that is, with mostly external symptoms which can be treated externally. Building a Target […]

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Building a Target First Aid Kit: Part 2

In part 1 of “Building a Target First Aid Kit,” we discussed what a First Aid kit was for, and looked at the type of conditions where one can be useful. In this part, we start to populate the kit. Building a Target First Aid Kit (Part 2) A first aid kit is a must for any […]

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18 OTC Meds for Survival Kit

When the economy becomes unstable and modern life leads to decline, it is a must to keep oneself as healthy as possible, which means making sure you have plenty of meds for survival kit at the ready. Stocking up on vitamins and emergency drugs is essential especially during hard times. When people get exposed to […]

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Elderberries Benefits: The Tiny Wonder Berry

Elderberry’s botanical name is Sambucus Canadensis. These purplish dark blue berries are rich sources of an antioxidant called anthocyanin which acts as an anti-carcinogenic element. Elderberries are rich in Vitamin C and trace minerals which are good for brain health, blood vessels and improved immune system. Elderberries: The Tiny Wonder Berry Elderberries grow from a […]

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How to Keep Razor Blades Sharp

Hygiene isn’t something that comes up a lot in survivalist circles, but it’s very important. Healthy hygiene habits can stop the spread of germs and disease and even help with morale. Shaving is part of hygiene, but it can be hard to keep razor blades sharp for a long period of time. How to Keep Razor […]

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