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Chronic Lyme Disease – Another Negative Study

Posted by Steven Novella on April 6, 2016 While Lyme disease itself is a real and often serious infectious illness, the existence and proper treatment of so-called chronic Lyme disease is dubious, and some would say controversial. However, like many controversies we cover, the science itself is not very controversial, but the topic is made […]

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Deep Survival

Deep Survival is a book  written by a friend of mine, Laurence Gonzales. It is about the seemingly senseless things people do that get them killed, but the concepts apply to almost every aspect of life. A pilot landing on an aircraft carrier who pushes the stick forward instead of back, and flies into the […]

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NCCIH Strategic Plan 2016-2021, or: Let’s try to do some real science for a change

Posted by David Gorski on April 4, 2016 It’s no secret that we at Science-Based Medicine (SBM) are not particularly fond of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). Formerly known as the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and before that the Office of Alternative Medicine, the NCCIH has been […]

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April Fool Cannot Surpass SCAM

Posted by Mark Crislip on April 1, 2016 Today is April Fools day in the US of A. One the the internet traditions is to come up with a story that is weird or unlikely, but not weird or unlikely that it is not believable in order to fool people that the story is real. […]

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Rethink the Drink

There are a lot of changes that happen with age, and some of them, like physical pain, loss of mobility, and loneliness can lead to alcohol misuse. As people age, they become more sensitive to the effects of alcohol. Over time, someone’s drinking habits may become a problem. Older adults who drink may be at […]

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Bugs Bunny Was Right…What a Maroon

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots As bugs bunny would say… “What a maroon…” The man who would be POTUS…the loon followed by blind, low-information voters…Donald J. Trump…is now bordering on displaying the collective intelligence of a sack of potatoes. My apologies to spuds everywhere. Given that whoever the next POTUS is, that person […]

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Regulating CAM Aussie Style

Posted by Jann Bellamy on March 31, 2016 CAM proponents view National Health Interview Surveys recording the supposed popularity of CAM, an amorphous conflation of anything from “conventional” to mythical methods, as an invitation to unleash even more unproven remedies on the public.  My interpretation is quite different. I see the same figures as proof […]

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What Not To Say When Someone Is Sick

Posted by Steven Novella on March 30, 2016 If your friend is getting chemotherapy, they need sympathy and support – not advice. I understand the impulse, but you are well-advised to resist it. When someone you know has a serious illness, maybe even dying, you want to say something to them that is helpful, positive, […]

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The Epic Meltdown Continues

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots The epic meltdown continues. It used to be that we had to wait for a debate to watch Donald Trump meltdown but now that the debates are over, we are being treated to a daily meltdown by his Trumpness and it shows no signs of letting up anytime […]

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