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That Was The Week That Was

That Was The Week That Was started with How To Shoot Hillary out of the Saddle. Waited for the FBI to show up, having used the words “Shoot” and “Hillary, but apparently the want to shoot her, too. Hey, I need the book sales, what can I say. She’s all into gun control, and I […]

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Chiropractic and the Newborn Baby

Posted by Clay Jones on February 27, 2016 I had the pleasure of speaking on the topic of chiropractic and the newborn baby earlier this week at a meeting of the Boston Skeptics. There is a video of the talk online for anyone interested in learning more. And if you haven’t yet, please read yesterday’s post […]

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Trump – Clinging to Liberalism Like a Dingleberry

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots With Thursday night’s debate in Houston Texas, Donald Trump made one thing absolutely crystal clear…that he’s a thin-skinned, inflamed egress on the southbound end of a northbound baboon. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio seemed to have taken the advice I set forth earlier in the week, and for […]

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This is Not a Real Estate Deal

“This is not a real estate deal!” Marco Rubio seized on that line last night, and true to form, he parroted, and parroted, and parroted. (Don’t they have parrots in Cuba?) He was trying to zero in on Donald Trump who was steadily handing him his face, while Ted Cruz had the good sense not […]

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Subluxation Correction: A Chiropractic Treatment for Babies

Posted by Sam Homola on February 26, 2016 My article “Pediatric Chiropractic Care: The Subluxation Question and Referral Risk” was published in the 2016 February issue of the journal Bioethics. The abstract summarizes the message of the article: Chiropractors commonly treat children for a variety of ailments by manipulating the spine to correct a “vertebral […]

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Genomic testing at your pharmacy: Ready for prime time?

Posted by Scott Gavura on February 25, 2016 Is genomic testing as useful as pharmacies claim it can be? Despite science’s ability to develop sophisticated and targeted new drugs, predicting the effect of a drug in an individual is still maddeningly difficult. Not every drug works for everyone that takes it. Similarly, the very same […]

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Air Pollution and Public Health

Posted by Steven Novella on February 24, 2016 Public health measures are those not aimed at individuals but at society as a whole, or subgroups within society. Physicians are charged not only with promoting the health of their own patients, but as a profession we (and health care professions in general) are charged with promoting […]

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Stem Cells and Chiropractic

Posted by Harriet Hall on February 23, 2016 As good a source of stem cells as any chiropractor. My local newspaper is a constant source of topics to blog about. It regularly features ads for untested dietary supplements and for chiropractors who offer non-chiropractic treatments and don’t identify themselves as chiropractors. Recently, a full-page ad […]

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