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Trump – Unfit to Serve…Part 1 of 2

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots I believe that Donald Trump is on the cusp of losing the Republican nomination and I believe he knows it which is why he has turned the blame factor up to full blast but who is really to blame? Nobody but Donald J. Trump. Trump’s narcissistic ego disallows […]

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Why So Grumpy…Trumpy?

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots Oh, my…his Trumpness, lord of the lies, Emperor of the realm of low-information voters and the bloviating buffoon of bombast is having another bad week and he’s got his panties all wadded up something fierce. Out of the last 160 delegates, Ted Cruz has picked up 152 to […]

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Cervicogenic Headache and Cervical Spine Manipulation

Posted by Sam Homola on April 12, 2016 NOTE: Today we offer a double feature on the treatment of cervicogenic headache: this post and Dr. Harriet Hall’s post, “When Headaches Are a Pain in the Neck: Spinal Manipulation vs. Mobilization for Cervicogenic Headache.” They complement each other, as well as Dr. Hall’s post from last […]

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When Headaches Are a Pain in the Neck: Spinal Manipulation vs. Mobilization for Cervicogenic Headache

Posted by Harriet Hall on April 12, 2016 NOTE: Today we offer a double feature on the treatment of cervicogenic headache. My article is about a study that compared manipulation to mobilization; it is followed by retired chiropractor Sam Homola’s guest article on manipulation for cervicogenic headache. The two posts complement each other and also […]

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I’ll Stand With the Constitutional Conservative

By Craig Andresen Right Side Patriots A few days ago, I was told, in no uncertain terms by one of Donald Trump’s blind followers to, take my support for Cruz and “stick it!” She failed to say where but she was clear in that she simply didn’t want to read the truth about Trump, […]

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Functional medicine: The ultimate misnomer in the world of integrative medicine

Posted by David Gorski on April 11, 2016 Functional Medicine practitioners like to make patients think that this diagram actually means something. We at Science-Based Medicine often describe “integrative medicine” as integrating quackery with medicine (at least, I often do), because that’s what it in essence does. The reason, as I’ve described time and time […]

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Hiring a Doula for Dental Procedures

Posted by Clay Jones on April 8, 2016 An inverted quantum matrix proving the myriad benefits of using of a dental doula Suzy Flanders had always dreamed of having a natural tooth extraction without pain medications, sedation, or local anesthesia, just like in the Bible or on an episode of Keeping Up With Kardashians. “When […]

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Statins for everyone? Not so fast.

Posted by Scott Gavura on April 7, 2016 In rosuvastatin should we trust? People love the idea of preventive medicine. Preventing a disease, before it occurs, seems intuitively obvious. But when it comes to taking medicine to prevent a disease before it occurs, people tend to be much less comfortable. Not only are there the […]

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Chronic Lyme Disease – Another Negative Study

Posted by Steven Novella on April 6, 2016 While Lyme disease itself is a real and often serious infectious illness, the existence and proper treatment of so-called chronic Lyme disease is dubious, and some would say controversial. However, like many controversies we cover, the science itself is not very controversial, but the topic is made […]

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Deep Survival

Deep Survival is a book  written by a friend of mine, Laurence Gonzales. It is about the seemingly senseless things people do that get them killed, but the concepts apply to almost every aspect of life. A pilot landing on an aircraft carrier who pushes the stick forward instead of back, and flies into the […]

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