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Do These Lead to Alzheimer’s Later?

We’re just starting to learn more and more about concussions and their long-term affects on our health. Mark Underwood discusses recent studies that indicate an much higher risk in Alzheimer’s disease in people that had one or more concussions at a younger age. What do you think, do these lead to Alzheimer’s later on in […]

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Making The Transition From Winter Blues To Summer Fun

Seasonal transitions are not always easy even for the healthiest of people. During the winter, the days are getting shorter, Vitamin D is in short supply, and we tend to hide in our homes and experience less socialization, all because of the cold winds and snow that evades us during the winter months. Maintaining balance through […]

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Radiotherapy Associated Fatigue: Causes And Management

  What is fatigue? Fatigue is the feeling of mental and physical exhaustion, commonly experienced as asymptom of cancer and a side effect of its treatment, especially radiation therapy. Unlike the normal fatigue you encounter in everyday life, this fatigue is long-lasting and might not be cured with the rest. Radiotherapy fatigue related to cancer can seriously interrupt your daily routine by making […]

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Charmomile – A Remedy to Help Heal Indigestion, Irritable Bowel Problems, and Colitis Naturally

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) Soothes the stomach A mild, relaxing tea with a delicate flavor, it contains oils that relax the smooth muscles in the stomach. Three cups daily will ease indigestion, irritable bowel problems, and colitis. Choose 100 percent pure chamomile flowers with a strong, fresh apple aroma. Use 1 tablespoon of flowers per cup […]

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5 Ways Geriatricians Prevent Falls

Do you have an older parent? Are you worried about them falling? Leslie Kernisan, MD, shares the ways geriatricians prevents falls and the approaches used to assess fall risks in seniors.Fall Risks and SeniorsSeniors and families are often quite worried about falls, and with good reason. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 1-in-3 […]

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HEALTHY RECIPES: 30 Blogs Serving Up Healthy Mac and Cheese Recipes

  Macaroni and cheese is one of the American childhood staple foods. Beloved by even the pickiest of eaters, this classic pasta dish is a go-to when it comes to serving up delicious, kid-friendly meals. Commercially available mixes, however, can be preservative-laden, artificially flavored, nutritional nightmares, with a neon orange color that’s anything but natural. […]

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HEALTHY RECIPE: Miao Pork With Corn and Chilies

  Set aside that canned baby corn you’re used to seeing in Chinese dishes, you’ll be using cut-from-the-cob kernels for this incredible dish. First created in the semitropical region of Guizhou in China, this version of the recipe has been adapted to use jalapeño peppers rather than the traditional cayenne, and a little more Sichuan […]

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