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What In The Heck Is Milk Water?

Share this post Milk water is pure French Green Clay water. If you have ever done my French Green Clay Detox, you know what milk water is. That said, many of you still ask what in the heck is milk water. French Green Clay Milk water is when you let your French Green Clay sit […]

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HEALTH: R&R for your digestion

I know several people who save up for an annual dose of gut rehabilitation to keep their body slim, complexion glowing and brain clear. The first Viva Mayr clinic opened in a modern five-star hotel on the southern shores of Lake Maria WA rth. Start the conversation, or Read more at Daily Mail. Add your […]

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The Healing Properties of Kombucha Tea

Kombucha has recently become very popular in the media. It has even been included in a skit by Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. But what is it and can it be the secret drink that can turn your health around? Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that is most commonly made from black tea […]

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6 Natural Alternatives to Arthritis Drugs: Top Doc

The death of Eagles founder Glenn Frey, tied in part to rheumatoid arthritis medications he was taking that likely compromised his immune system, is a “wake-up call” about the dangers of powerful drugs used to treat the condition, a top doc says. Frey died this week from complications of RA, ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia. Start […]

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Chakraf scarves inspired by reiki

North Vancouver resident Gina Cook has combined her passion for holistic health with her skills in fashion design. Her reiki-inspired Chakraf scarves come in seven bold colours and are now available to purchase through her just-launched website Start the conversation, or Read more at North Shore News. Add your comments below Copyright © 2016 […]

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