Building a Target First Aid Kit: Part 5

In the earlier parts, we discussed what a first aid kit is, and populated it with bandaging supplies and other “first aid” supplies.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The issues we considered were pretty much “external” medical problems; that is, with mostly external symptoms which can be treated externally.

Building a Target First Aid Kit: Part 5

In this part, we look at problems which are mostly internal, for which first aid is generally limited to medication.  Again, the numbers after the problem will be used as a shortcut to indicate for which problem(s) an item in the summary list is used for.

UPDATE:  The sale which started this project is finally over, and the cases appear not to be available (except maybe on eBay).

UPDATE2:  I recommended the CTB Swabsticks over the ampoules for availability reasons; that may have been a mistake.  So far I’ve…

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