Are You Detoxing Or Dieting – Give It A Month Before You Stop

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Time is on your side if you are detoxing or dieting.

Are you ready for a lifestyle change? Are you ramping up your health, or maybe you’d like to shed a pound or two.

It’s always good to fine-tune your current health status no matter how healthy you are, and even if your weight is perfect. I want to share a tip for you to use when you are seeking health changes …

… commit to your new program for at least one month.

It’s easy to slip back into previous habits when detoxing or dieting, so hang in there. Give your new changes some time to stick.

Don’t cheat or binge on the foods that you are trying to avoid; Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate changes; Don’t stop a new program once you have started, give it at least a month.

Many times, detoxing can result in headaches as toxins release,

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