Another ADHD Denier

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is real. As I discussed at length in a post two months ago, while the diagnosis is a clinical one, that is no different than many uncontroversial medical diagnoses. It is based on solid neuroanatomical correlates, clearly established dysfunction and harm, and standard treatments improve outcome.

Still it remains a popular target for contrarians or those who, in my opinion, want to appear edgy and controversial by going against conventional science. Because diagnosing and treating ADHD often involves prescribing medication to children, there is an obvious emotional hook as well.

Mostly, however, denial of ADHD is based largely on naivety about clinical medicine. Often the criticism comes from psychologists who misunderstand the nature of diseases and disorders in medicine. This time the attack comes from John Rosemond, a psychologist who has actually been arguing against the reality of ADHD by his own account since the

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