Airlines Flight Crews Pollution Sickness Syndrome

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Natural Blaze

By Catherine J Frompovich

What’s making airlines flight crews sick?

Reports have been surfacing about cabin crews complaining regarding new, corporate-issued uniforms making them sick.  Other crew members have filed lawsuits [1] regarding what’s known as “aerotoxic syndrome.” [2] And now, American Airlines pilots are complaining their new, corporate-issued uniforms literally are making them sick.

So, what could be involved in all the above?  Well, from my perspective as a consumer health researcher and writer, and a retired holistic health professional, plus researching various aspects having negative health effects upon humans, I think I safely can offer some suggestions as to what may be going on, since the airlines and their suppliers can’t seem to figure out what’s happening.

Numerous friends and associates have shared with me how they became sick with flu-like symptoms after a flight, especially long flights.  Most individuals suffer with respiratory problems, e.g., bronchitis, pneumonia,

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