Acupuncturist Complains About Wikipedia

Acupuncturist Mel Hopper Koppelman published an article titled “WikiTweaks: The Encyclopedia that Anyone (Who is a Skeptic) Can Edit,” in the Journal of Chinese Medicine No. 113, p 35-7. February 2017. The article is behind a paywall but the abstract says:

This article documents recent attempts to update the Acupuncture page on Wikipedia with current scientific knowledge, and describes how such pages are presently controlled by self-styled skeptics, who prevent anyone else from editing them, thus ensuring the information conforms to their own biased and skeptical beliefs. The author provides key research papers and mainstream medical guidelines from around the world in order to provide acupuncture practitioners with robust evidence that can be used to counter biased and unfounded claims about acupuncture.

This abstract is misleading. She never actually tried to update the Acupuncture page.  She presents no evidence that the editors she interacted with are “self-styled

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