5 Tips on Caring for a Family Member You Dislike

Caregiving can be complicated for many reasons, but how do you cope when it’s a family member that you want nothing to do with?Read these personal stories and tips about caring for a family member you dislike.Caring When Your Relationship is ComplicatedI have a friend who, growing up, had an overbearing and ultra-critical mother. She was always comparing her daughter’s inadequacies to her playmate’s strengths — in other words, “Molly is so good at the art and violin, but what are you good at?” The long pause, followed by silence, meant “absolutely nothing.”It did damage. Nurturing and unconditional love were not part of her mother’s parenting style. Her judgmental attitude, and at times, mean comments, made it a challenge years later when, in her 80s and 90s, she needed her kids to nurture her.My friend was devoted anyway. She told me she decided to do everything she could for her mother, so that after she

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