5 Quick Emergency Foods for All Situations

By Jeremiah Johnson

We have been covering a host of different disasters and scenarios for preps.  One thing we have not mentioned is the need for food in these situations that meet the challenge of the disaster.  What are we talking about here?  For starters, we need food that we can bust open and eat immediately…that will give us some kind of energy with nutritional value…but that we can eat without needing to go off somewhere and sit down.  Even more: food that we can eat without taking a break in stride.

This poses the following conditions for the food: it must be pre-cooked or prepared previously so that no heating or preparation is required.  The biggest problem with this is in the winter months, but we’ll address that issue later.  Let’s look at some foods that it would not be an inconvenience to tote around, either on your person

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