4 Ways Video Gaming Benefits Older Adults

Forget the stereotypical image of a gamer — today, 26% of video game players are adults over 50, and perhaps even more surprising, more women than men are senior gamers.Video games have been shown to offer numerous health and wellness benefits, including building relationships, improving mental capabilities and increasing happiness in players. Whether you’re a new or veteran gamer, learn more about how video games can improve your lifestyle.Ways Video Games Benefit Older AdultsPlaying video games requires downloading a game on a mobile device, installing a game on a computer or purchasing a game for a gaming console – an electronic device that attaches to your TV.If you or a loved one is just getting started gaming, review the types of gaming systems available and their various price points since your funds and mobility will factor into which device you should choose.Then, review how gaming brings emotional, mental and physical health benefits to older adults:1. Happier LivesGamers older than 63

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