11 Ways To Stay Sane When It’s 20 Below

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Much of the country has had unusually cold weather this year. Some of us live in regions where cold is business as usual, and others are more accustomed to milder temperatures. But frigid weather can be tough on everyone, even those who are used to it. If you need ideas for ways to keep from going insane when you’re stuck in the house during winter, consider some of these:

1. First, don’t be stuck in the house. Get outside. Even though it might be hard to get motivated to suit up and brace the cold, you’ll be glad you did. Fresh air will invigorate you and help put a new perspective on things.

2. Get some exercise. There are plenty of ways to work out during winter. You can swim laps at the pool, lift weights or work out on machines at the gym, or play basketball or other sports at

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