10 Reasons Why the Mainstream Media Won’t Cover the Las Vegas Shooting Anymore

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Humans Are Free

It was the worst mass-shooting in American history, and despite a curious public hungry for answers, the entire tragedy remains shrouded in mystery — and the mainstream media seems intent on keeping it that way.

The Las Vegas shooting, which left 58 dead and 546 injured, should remain as a top news story — if only because of how many questions remain unanswered.

But then again, given the massive inconsistencies in the case — from the official timeline changing multiple times to the coincidental deaths of 4 witnesses — maybe they WANT the story to go away.

Here Are The Top 10 Mysteries That Could Be Scaring Away The Media:

1. The official timeline of the shooting, as released by authorities, has changed at least three times.

Whereas the mainstream media seemed complacent as the inconsistencies mounted, it took a rogue independent journalist to ask tough questions at one of the LVMPD’s press

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